2023 Run Dates

We are sadly rather short of manpower this year – so we are limiting ourselves to 4 nights this year.

They are:

  • Monday 18th December: Hospital; Horringer Court, Priors and Westley Estates
  • Tuesday 19th December: Macebearer, Town, Out Risbygate area, Fen Road Estate
  • Wednesday 20th December: Howard, Mildenhall and Marham Park Estates
  • Thursday 21st December: Moreton Hall Estate, Elmswell, Norton, Thurston

2022 Run Dates

Here are the 2022 Santa dates:

2021 Run Dates

Here are the dates of the 2021 Santa’s Sleigh runs:

  • Monday 13th December: Howard / Mildenhall / Marham Park Estates
  • Tuesday 14th December: Moreton Hall Estate
  • Wednesday 15th December: Thurston & Elmswell
  • Thursday 16th December: Town, Victoria Street Area, Fen Way
  • Friday 17th December: Horringer Court / Priors / Westley Estates
  • Monday 20th December: Red Lodge
  • Tuesday 21st December: Great Welnetham, Stanningfield, Lawshall, Whepstead & Horringer.

That’s All Folks!

That’s us done for another year, it’s been great to have been able to run this for 9 days to give joy to our communities, including to some new locations. On top of this, thanks to our sponsors and your donations, we’ve raised nearly £4000 for local good causes.

See you next year, hopefully in our more normal format!

New tracker!

The “official” Round Table Santa Tracker seems to be a bit, well, rubbish and has not worked well on the last 3 nights, for which we apologise. We’ve now switched to using Glympse for the rest of the runs – follow the link at bsesanta.com/track